Saturday, 1 June 2013

Tiger Balm

 This miracle in a dandy, little pot is saving my ankles.
Seeing as summer, and the good weather it brings *cough* not in Scotland, has sneakily crept up on me this year, my pasty Winter limbs need to come out from hiding. 
Figured some exercise wouldn't do me any harm in the process. 

According to the website 'Red Tiger Balm is the original recipe, create for relieve strong pain. This balm is very efficient for sportsmen who want to warm up or calm muscles before or after exercise. Red Balm gives hot sensation. You can use it for : rheumatism, muscular pain, tired feet' 

Wouldn't really count myself as a 'sportsmen' per se, but if you must... 
The balm has been great for doing exactly as it says - relieving my weak, pathetic ankles and sore muscles from pain.

The hot sensation and tribal packaging makes it all that bit more exciting. 

You can buy the balm, here