Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Saint Lauren Pre-Fall 13

Whatever you're doing Heidi, you're doing it very, very well. Keep up the good work.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Heaven on the Rue de Rivoli

Photos © Olivier Löser

Whilst browsing online for an apartment to stay in during my trip to Paris I came across this absolute beauty. Situated on the Rue de Rivoli (aka architectural heaven), it is the glorious work of Isabelle Stanislas and Leiko Oshima. Such a dream team. And a dream did they create. 

Unfortunately I won't be staying in anything like this, but a studio apartment will do me just fine. Then again, I would live in a cardboard box on the banks of the Seine if it came down to it. Think I can stretch my budget a bit further than that though. 

Find out more about Stanislas and Oshima's heavenly creation, here


Summer plans

Outside; It's raining; It's cold; It's depressing. This is not Summer. It can't be. I won't let it. 
Explanation: I live in Scotland.
I shall not let this weather dampen my spirits (see what I did there?) and keep me huddled up inside, under a blanket, old, alone, done for. 

For once, I won't be having a beach holiday, or even attending a festival but as I face the prospects of university in early September and the harrowing thought of living on a student budget, I need to earn myself some money, and a lot of it. 
Ruining this plan: Paris & London. (I am most certainly not complaining though).

I have been accepted onto a 3 day course at the University of Sorbonne to learn about the History of France - specifically Paris - which I can imagine will be rather helpful at some point or another in my Art History degree. I'm going to be in Paris for just one week, but I'm hoping to fit in a lot of debauchery. Not really. Just many art gallery tours, trips to Diptyque and of course, stocking up on skincare products at City Pharma.(goodbye dolla)

London is a bit up in the air at the moment as no dates have been officially confirmed but the plan is to intern for a few weeks towards the end of summer. Staying at a relative's in Knightsbridge will no doubt cause some serious damage to the 'Uni savings' piggy bank. 
Oh well, when in Rome London! 


Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sunday lusting

     "Paris is always a good idea."

A Blog

I like the idea of having a blog.

A little piece of The Internet to call my own.
It allows me to meticulously stalk other people's pieces of the internet and along the way discover their loves, hates, recommendations etc without trawling through Facebook.
Blog photos tend to be more pleasing on the eye also.
I have a propensity to have a lot to say for myself.
Therefore, instead of annoying the pour souls around me, I thought it would be a wise idea to create my own also.
Who knows, something on here may come in handy one day? 


P.S. Does creating my own blog constitute looking through other's as no longer being a guilty pleasure but now just... a pleasure?